Wednesday, 3 April 2013

DAY 12 - Daily Diary

Significant day at the hunger strike picket. Fraser Stuart, Dave D and Darren Chang there, got lots of petition signatures. VANDU crowd of 40 shows up to support at empty cop shop. Just before that 6 eagles came by when Victoria Rose Bull, Lorelei Williams and Michelle were there, sparks turned into a flame and they call a "march" to city hall to deliver Dave's demands to the Mayor (and to weigh-in). Gather Thursday at Carnegie 9:30am. Homeless Dave super happy about all this. A wheelchair turned up so we're all set for the coming weeks. More good news: two other neighbourhood groups endorse --> Gallery Gachet and Aboriginal Front Door. *No high tech corporations at cop shop!* 100% community directed social housing and community space at VPD! As Dave says, "I want Chief Chu to lobby for this himself after all the police have done to people, especially women, in this neighbourhood."

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